A revolutionary destination marketing platform disrupting the $1.29 trillion-dollar travel industry. 

The ultimate destination marketing platform


Highlighting the best of what is on offer through personalised and curated content, created by real people and recommended to you based on your interests...

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What is TRAVLR?

There is no accurate, reliable and trusted way for travellers to be inspired, to discover and book their entire holidays on one platform.

Create shortlists of your ‘must visit’ locations, and then go one step further, create a custom package of all the things you want to do and see in paradise and book it all on the one platform. Once you arrive, store your memories alongside your itinerary, becoming an ambassador for the island nations, rainforests, diverse countries we have the luxury of visiting...

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And so, we developed...


TRAVLR - closing the loop on the 5 stages of travel

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No-one in the travel sector owns the end to end experience.

TRAVLR highlights the best of what is on offer through, personalised and curated content. Enabling our users to create shortlists then create bespoke, custom holiday packages on our unique platform where they can book everything one platform enables us to own the end to end experience.

Acquiring customer ownership BEFORE the user starts their traditional flight or hotel search is one of the most unique and appealing areas of what we are doing. This gives us greater ability to own the customer before the traditional OTAs which means we won’t get into that fight for the booking.

How we do it.

According to Google there are 5 stages to travel - Dream, Plan, Book, Experience and Share. TRAVLR closes the loop on all these. It makes brochures, travel books and travel agents pretty much obsolete.



+ As a traveller, every holiday starts with a dream.
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We understand that there are hundreds of ways to holiday in paradise, in fact there’s too much information to sort through and as a result, travellers are now looking for curators to help them pinpoint travel experiences that are right for them.

TRAVLR inspires people to travel by highlighting the best of what is on offer through personalised and curated content, created by friends and peers that you trust and can relate to. This relieves the common frustrations of not knowing where to look or who to rely on and enhances the dream phase.


+ Ready to book your dream holiday?
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TRAVLR enables you to create custom holiday packages of all the things you want to do and see in paradise and then quickly and easily book it all on the one platform for the best price.

Drag and drop to our itinerary tool to map out your dream trip and creating a custom package price - eliminating the frustrations of too many screens and different moving parts in the booking process,

TRAVLR allows you to easily review your choices with fellow travellers or compare prices and book through one trusted platform with confidence you are getting the best options, at the best price.


+ Anyone can be their own travel agent.
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Anyone should be able to create, plan and share their own personal recommendations quickly and easily… So that’s exactly what we’ve done. As you discover, you can shortlist your favourite destinations, activities and accommodation on your own personally branded profile.

You can leverage insider knowledge from curated suggestions or compare other traveller’s itineraries for great tips. This allows you to gradually research, plan and prepare for your trip ensuring it’s the holiday of a lifetime.



+ Fulfil your dreams with TRAVLR by your side.
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Ensuring you get the best deal, TRAVLR allows others to experience through your eyes what your discovering each step of your journey.

By offering you the ability to record and store images and videos of your dream holiday right alongside your itinerary, friends and family can experience your dream trip, at the same time as you do.

Keep your holiday flixible – you tweak and change your itinerary at any point! This assists our travellers in maximising the experiences they can enjoy on their holiday and focus on living out their dreams by creating those amazing moments that will last with them a lifetime.


+ Now that your trip is over, you’re probably dying to tell the world what you did.
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TRAVLR enables people to curate their experiences, recommendations and at the end, share everything from recommendations, experiences, photos, videos and that way truly becoming, not just a tour guide for others, but an ambassador of the island nations, rainforests, diverse countries and faraway lands we have the luxury of visiting.

This turns TRAVLR into the ultimate destination marketer as this user-generated content being shared to millions of people daily is seeing incredible organic reach and converting new users at rapid speeds.

This process of sharing starts the cycle again creating ambassadors out of every user on the TRAVLR platform.
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Is it time you became an ambassador?

The world as we know it is getting smaller and smaller...

Facebook, Instagram and even Snapchat make traveling and discovering the world through the eyes of friends and others like a virtual and very real way to almost be there. 

We take a step into mysterious lands, sandy beaches and hectic megalopolis as we browse through our friend’s, and friends of friend’s, social media posts. So why not take it a step further and be more than the virtual tour guide? Why not become ambassadors of the island nations, rainforests, diverse countries and cities and far way lands we have the luxury of visiting.

Well, now you can. The platform? - TRAVLR. Sign up below to our Bali or Fiji platforms with many more coming soon!


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